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Course Readings

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Language Handbook Communication Skills in the New Millennium, J.A.Senn & Carol Ann Skinner (Barrett KendallEnglish)

Writing and Grammar, Forlini, Gary/ Wilson, Edward E./ Carroll, Joyce Armstrong (Prentice Hall)

Language Network: Grammar, Writing, Communication (McDougal Littell)



Additional Resources:

A Guide to Grammar & Writing - Capital Community College
·         For grammar topics, use the “index” button on the homepage for 427 references in alphabetical order.
·         For PowerPoint presentations, use the drop-down menu for “Peripherals & PowerPoints.”
ELC Study Zone
See “Extras” for index to grammar materials
English Works! - Gallaudet University
The Internet Grammar of English - University College London
Purdue University ESL Resources
Sentence Sense – Capital Community College
·         Part 1: grammar (e.g., overview, verbs, subjects, completers, modifiers).
·         Part 2: usage (e.g., sentence fragments, run-on sentences).
·         Part 4: resources (e.g., ESL Tips, printable charts and tables).
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online – organized by parts of speech; includes collocations; provides contextualized usage examples

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