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Team A

Page history last edited by Gennadii Bezdenezhnikh 15 years, 7 months ago

 Meet Team A!!!


Hi Everybody!!!

Here is our group: Zhenya Isakova, Gena Bezdenezhnich, Anya Suslova, Natasha Skrabyna.

We are 3rd year World Economy Students. We are really happy to be involved into this project, because we are interested in Political events and economics. Thing that unites us is our interest in studying and learning Languages (English, German, French and Japanese). We are very talented and have different hobbies. Zhenya - even sleeps with a book:)), Gena likes music and plays the guitar, Anya - cool dancer, Natasha - Anime fan!!!   

Team A.


Paragraph Writing "USA Presidential Campaign" from the document "Debate Transcript" (Deadline Sunday October 19, 2008 midnight Yakutsk time)


Team Roles:

Zhenya, starter for the first key sentences in the paragraph (2-3 sentences) for introductory part.

Gena, the key paragraph 1 writing (Barack Obama)

Anya, the key paragraph 2 writing (John McCain)

Natasha, the wrapper, writing a conclusion consisting of 2-3 sentences according to the introductory part.



USA Presidential Campaign
The US-Russian relations


On 26 Sept 2008 was the First McCain-Obama Presidential Debate. The questions were primarily about foreign policy and national security. We think one of the most important questions in this content is the relationship with Russia. There are at least couple reasons for this. Firstly, both countries have big political weight in the world, so they must collaborate in resolving global problems. Secondly, politicians in Russia and America tell that there is no arms race, but the true is that now both countries have weapons that can destroy a country - so this is where national security comes. Moreover there a lot of discussions and argues about Georgian-Russian conflict. Now there are two sides, some people believe that Russia was an aggressor; others think that Russia stopped Georgia in its aggressive actions. Also there is tough question about Russian and American relations with Ukraine and some other post USSR countries which want to be part of NATO.

The question was, whether the candidates see Russia as a competitor, an enemy or as a potential partner.

The Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama has very diplomatic considerations in foreign policy issues. Therefore he criticized actions of Russia in Georgia. He thought that these actions were unacceptable, and they lead to the instability in the world. Nevertheless he pointed out an area where both countries have to work together – (to deal with nuclear proliferation).

The Republican nominee, Senator John McCain is a military man, so he has tougher point of view. Likewise Obama, McCain said that aggression in Georgia is not acceptable behavior. Moreover he thinks that Russia wants to regain USSR. That is why America will support the inclusion of Georgia and Ukraine ("their friend and ally") into NATO.

To sum up, both candidates has the same opinion about Georgia and Russia, so in this case Russia is enemy. Both countries have global economic, political, and military influence so they have to have partnership. But neither Senator Obama nor Senator McCain has said that they see Russia as a competitor.


Comments (5)

Larissa Olesova said

at 8:41 pm on Oct 12, 2008

Hi, team A!

Welcome to the project! Larissa

Larissa Olesova said

at 10:13 am on Oct 26, 2008

Group A, hi
Good writing. Good using of transitions. Please, pay more attention to the sequence of tenses in - "Therefore he criticized actions of Russia in Georgia, thinking that these actions were unacceptable, and they lead to the instability in the world. Nevertheless he pointed out an area where both countries have to work together – it is dealing with nuclear proliferation." " Likewise Obama, McCain said that aggression in Georgia is not acceptable behavior. " Please, be careful with key topics in your introductory - how the problem with Georgia and then, later with Ukraine come in the body and conclusion. If you have these topics in the body and in the conclusion - you should mention them in your intrdocutory and explain in the body. Please, rewrite the intrdocutory according to the body and your conclusion by Wednesday October 29, 2008 midnight Yakutsk time. Larissa

Gennadii Bezdenezhnikh said

at 12:16 am on Oct 27, 2008

Larissa, thanks for your comments. We've rewrote it. And now we are waiting for your reply.

Larissa Olesova said

at 8:36 am on Oct 30, 2008

Team A, so nice revision, but be careful with punctuation - please, use commas after transitions and use the words for "2". The paragraph needs some further grammar revisions, but I pay more attention to the paragraph development now. If you want to change punctuation, you can do it but anyway, congratulations with good revisions. I don't grade this assignment. Be careful with writing a comparative-contrast essay with the students from TX and DC. Good luck, Larissa

Lipskaya Uliana said

at 2:53 am on Nov 2, 2008

Hi team A! You have a beautiful photo!

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