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Team D

Page history last edited by Anastasia 15 years, 8 months ago

Team D 


this is YAna!

she likes to learn foreign languages.

she knows english very well.

also she can keep in mind any ierogliph by one sign:

yana is studying Chinese.

by the way, Yana is fond of blockbusters,

you can see her in the VIP zone,

when smth new action movie is going.

her love is BOND, James Bond, of course.



Ira like a beautiful flower

can say, can sing, can dance that 

everybody says: she is really pretty,

pretty girl.

also Ira is ineterested in Korea: language and culture.

her hobby is cooking.



now: Nastya!

Nastya, like a real fan of masterpieces of movies,

never misses any premiere,

her chillout is any cinemahouse.

she loves Will Smith and Johnny Depp,

she is Hancock and Jack Sparrow in one face.

also Nastya is studying Chinese,

she is planning to connect her future profession with this language.




Katrusha is studying Chinese too.

her hobby is reading.

she reads everywhere and everytime.

also she is interested in yoga and history.

 she is attracted everything unusual and interesting. 

whenever she will be a great hitch-hiker.


In the end We should say

we are team D.


we are from Yakutsk City,

From Yakut State University,

our major is World Economy.


Love us, keep in touch with us!



Paragraph Writing "USA Presidential Campaign" from the document "Debate Transcript" Deadline Sunday October 19, 2008 midnight Yakutsk time

Team Roles:

Yana, starter for the first key sentences in the paragraph (2-3 sentences) for introductory part.

Ira, the key paragraph 1 writing (Barack Obama)

Nastya, the key paragraph 2 writing (John McCain)

Katrusha, the wrapper, writing a conclusion consisting of 2-3 sentences according to the introductory part


As you know there must be no wars during the Olympic games, but the 8th August, the day of opening on the Olympic games in Beijing, was darkened by the beginning the war in the South Ossetia, which is the independent country in Caucasus, but is still not recognized by the most of countries in the world. The main reason of this war was the striving of the South Ossetia for the independence from Georgia, Russia supported it as it seems to Russia that it is the only one possible and correct way to save Ossetia's population, the most part of which are Russian citizens, from Georgia's violence. The USA has a direct attitude to this question, as it is well-known from the global mass-media that the USA approves Georgia. What do the candidates, running for the president, Barack Obama and John McCain think about it? Both say that the behavior of Russia in this war was aggressive, and they were against it.

Mr. Obama thinks the Russian participation in the war was unacceptable, because Russia has not such rights. But, anyway, Barack Obama has to put up with the fact of dealing with Russia is vital, necessary because of the oil-question and Russian nuclear warheads. Also Mr. Obama wants Georgia will enter in NATO in spite of Russia against it.

Mr. McCain thinks that the war was not by chance, and the reason was the pipeline that runs from the Caspian, he considers Russia as a nation flued by petro-dollars. Mr. McCain thinks Russia had been waiting the chance to go into Georgia for a long time and got it. And he agrees with Mr. Obama about the question of the acceptance of Georgia in NATO.

After discussing we came to conclusion that both candidates think that Russia was the aggressor in this war, its actions were wrong without respect to the international borders. Although Russia had entered into the war only on the second day of it, and only wishing to force Georgia into the peace. The war in the South Ossetia was a challenge to the peace in the world, it seems like a beginning of the 3d world war, which nobody wants at all.

Comments (8)

Larissa Olesova said

at 8:46 pm on Oct 12, 2008

Girls, hi

I would like to see your photo. Larissa

minadya said

at 6:47 am on Oct 13, 2008

Wowwww... o_O

Getta_e@mail.ru said

at 10:15 pm on Oct 13, 2008

gangsta song!=)

Larissa Olesova said

at 5:06 pm on Oct 19, 2008

Girls, hi

Good writing, however, please, try to be as specific as possible. Please, explain briefly where and what country or a part of a country Ossetia is - for example, it is ..... the part of .... In this way, you will show why Russia refers to this conflict and why it is there. Why USA is worried about this issue? Why is it important? Why do you state that USA has a direct approach to this conflict? Explain - do not be vague in writing. Restate and rewrite your conclusion depending on the key sentence for your introduction. You state that " Olympic Games" was darkened? How does Olympic refer to the event you described? If it has any relations to the issue, restate and explain in the conclusion - mention Games again and why it was darkened or what? Your introduction and conclusion should go together. The difference is only in more open explanation for the conclusion part. Rewrite and submit the updated version by Sunday October 25 by midnight Yakutsk time.

Katr said

at 5:52 am on Oct 23, 2008

we have rewrited.

Larissa Olesova said

at 10:27 am on Oct 26, 2008

Good revisions! Congratulations! However, your introduction needs more revisions to clarify the situation for your readers who are not aware of the situation described. Please, explain the war in Oseetia and how Russia has attitude to this war - it is not clear from the introductory part. Please, explain the reason of the war in the introductory. Then, you should open Russian involvement from both candidates' views in the body. Can you use "his" for Russia? I think "its" is more appropriate in this case. Can you use "a" with resectability? I think "respect" sounds better without "a"? Please, write the introduction and conclusion that both sound clear by Wednesday October 29 midnight Yakutsk time. Larissa

Katr said

at 12:01 am on Oct 28, 2008

we have rewrited

Lipskaya Uliana said

at 3:12 am on Nov 2, 2008

hi girls!you are the best!

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