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Team F Presentation

Page history last edited by olga 15 years, 8 months ago

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This is group F 

We are students of World Economic Department of Finance and Economic institute.

We are 4 cheerful people in group: Olga, Maria, Nadya and Dima.

We like to communicate with people very much and to travel.

Because of each of us study Chinese, Korean and French.

We have been in USA and China this summer. 

After all each of us has his own favourite hobbie.

Olga is fond of learning Chinese, running. She likes to read Russian gold classics literature (Tolstoi, Lermontov, Gorkiy, Dostoevskiy).

Masha is interested in travelling, communicating with people, her native culture, reading different books and learning foreign languages.

Nadya like to learn Chinese too, to read. After all she likes to spends her free time with her friends mostly in nature.

Dima like to ride a bicycle, to read magazines, to watch TV, to listen music(The Killers, Dover) and many other useless hobbies.

Well, we think it's enough for now. Other information wait in next letter.



Paragraph Writing "USA Presidential Campaign" from the document "Debate Transcript" Deadline Sunday October 19, 2008 midnight Yakutsk time

Team Roles:

Olga, starter for the first key sentences in the paragraph (2-3 sentences) for introductory part.

Maria, the key paragraph 1 writing (Barack Obama)

Nadya, the key paragraph 2 writing (John McCain)

Dima, the wrapper, writing a conclusion consisting of 2-3 sentences according to the introductory part


USA Presidential Campaign

In 20th century humanity  faced with a new type of war-terrorism. One of the most dangerous terrorist group is al Quaida, that Oussama Ben Laden created in 1988 in the territory of Afghanistan. This war threatens mostly those countries as USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, because these are only countries that have the most part of military force in the world. Barack Obama's opinion is that to remove American troops from Iraq and to send them to Afghanistan to struggle with al Quaida force. John McCain's attitude is that he agrees with Obama, but thinks that it is impossible to do now.

Obama knows and understands the important meaning of this war in present society and thinks that America should pay a great attention to this. He says that nowadays America is waring with Iraq but in the same time forgetting about the problem in Afghanistan. He thinks America expects worth attacks from them even than attack of terrorists on 11th of September in 2001, New York.

McCain agrees with Obama but thinks that they can't remove troops from Iraq now. Because it had cost for American nation too much power, time and people died. He thinks that they have to continue this war without fail. It'd be better to send troops to Pakistan that helps the groups of al Quaida because USA wants to take back their $10 billions that they gave to Pakistan to destroy al Quaida's places there.

From talks of two candidates, it is clear that B. Obama wants to stop war in Iraq and concentrate power against terrorism, McCain thinks war has to be continued. In our point of view Obama is more right, because of Iraq's war lost its main thought, and vast majority of Americans exhausted. That's what Obama feels.

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Comments (4)

Larissa Olesova said

at 8:48 pm on Oct 12, 2008

Team F? Are you here? Larissa

Larissa Olesova said

at 11:41 am on Oct 13, 2008

Hi, team F - could you post your photo with the names, please?

Larissa Olesova said

at 5:20 pm on Oct 19, 2008

Group F,
Please, correct grammar - third singular in the verbs, pronouns with the verbs, tenses, sequence of tenses, the spelling - in force, for example. Be careful. Explain what al Quaida is. Explain the reason for the war in Iraq and why this issue is important. How all these countries involved into one problem? Why are Afghanistan and Pakistan involved into this problem? How 9/11 refers to this issue? Explain terrorism. Rewrite the paragraph and post it by Sunday October 26 by midnight Yakutsk time.

Larissa Olesova said

at 10:41 am on Oct 26, 2008

Hi, team F
Could you clarify which troops? and why? - Barack Obama's attitude is that to remove troops from Iraq and to send them to Afghanistan to struggle with al Quaida force.
This war threatens mostly those countries as USA, Russia, Great Britain, France and so on - why exactly these countries?
9/11 - what does this mean? explain.
McCain agrees with Obama but think - correct grammar.
Please, put the countries involved into the war in the introduction that you sound understandable - all countries you mention in the writing. Otherwise, it is really difficult to jump from
one country to another without previous information.

Good revisions done and a little bit more efforts need to finalize this part. Please, submit revisions by Wednesday October 29 midnight Yakutsk time, Larissa

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